Non Perishable Vegan Food Items

Healthy and Vegan Food Items with Long Shelf Life

Vegan shelf stable food that are great to keep on hand for emergencies, road trips and travel.
All the vegan food that is on the list have a long shelf life and can be kept in the pantry for a long time. All food itemas are made with whole grains an contain no added sugars.

Bare has apple chips made from dried apples only. Nothing added more and still delicious.

Apple Chips

Dried apricots naturally contain iron, calcium and potassium. These are without sulphur!

Dried Apricots

What a great invention. Beans in a pouch. Filling and iron rich snack to nourish little bodies.

Lupini Beans

Just beets, that's it. Who doesn't want their kids to be snacking on vegetables? 

Beet Chips

Gluten free treat with just 3 ingredients: dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries.

Lara Bar - Cherry

This tasty lara bar has only 5 ingredients: dates, apples, blueberries, cashews and vanilla.

Lara Bar - Blueberry

Apple pie as healthy as can be with these ingredients: walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, apples, dates, raisins.

Lara Bar - Apple

Another tasty bar with just 3 ingredients:

dates, almonds and unsweetened bananas.

Lara Bar - Banana

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We limit rice intake due to arsenic content but these are great to have on hand for emergencies.

Rice Cakes

What a tasty nut-free granola. And besides dates there are no other sugars added into this.

Raw Granola

A whole grain that is naturally gluten free. Perfect to be mixed into a trail mix or as sugar free cereal.

Puffed Millet

Almond butter in little packets. And there is nothing more than just almonds. No oil, no sweeteners.

Almond Butter

Cereal made out of sprouted grains, legumes and seeds. Sweetened with raisins only.

Sprouted Cereal

This is a great tasting product. You can eat it by itself or with plant based milk and dried fruits.

Puffed Kamut

These are little pouches filled with macadamia butter and coconuts. Great way to get healthy fats.

Macadamia Butter

This is a shelf stable hummus packed in small containers with different kind of flavors.


This can be mixed into cereal or a trail mix. It's a whole grain that is naturally gluten free and nutrient dense.

Popped Amaranth

Made out of fruits only, these are perfect as a treat. They come in strawberry and mango flavors.

Fruit Rolls

These are healthy and tasty. Made with gluten free whole grains and bunch of seeds.


Unsweetened and shelf stable plant based milk that would go great with a puffed grain or by itslef.

Shelf Stable 

Almond Milk